Fitness University's Founder & C.O.O

Our Mission

Fitness University wants to teach individuals from all walks of life how to take care of their bodies through diet, exercise, and therapeutic massage. Helping them reach their goals through short intense total body workouts that incorporate cardio and resistance training combined with proper nutrition, and massage.

Fitness University's Mascot, The Phoenix

Introducing the Fitness University Phoenix!


This mythical creature was tailor made to be the Fitness University mascot. The Fitness University Phoenix represents a rebirth into a new healthier version of ourselves.


Be on the look out for The Phoenix on upcoming merchandise!



Ronald Thompson, C.E.O & Founder of Fitness University


Our bodies were designed to move, the saying "move it or lose it" is a true statement. No matter what your obstacles or ailments keep moving. At Fitness University we work with all shapes, ages, and sizes. My desire is to see every student in our program learn and grow into the best version of themselves and that's why Fitness University you don't just exercise, you learn to live the life you desire!

-Ronald Thompson

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