Do It For YOU

Let's talk about MOTIVATION and lets keep it REAL

The reason/ reasons we choose to motivate us to begin our fitness journey lays the foundation to how far we will allow ourselves to go!

Too often I talk to people and it is uncovered that the the underlying reasons why they chose to lose weight, get in shape, tone muscle and what have you is fueled too much by external forces. I'm talking about the people who want to 'look better' to impress their ex or to compete with another female/male, to gain the attention of a loved one and even to feel worthy to everyone else but themselves.

This way of thinking is toxic and there are so many downsides to that approach.

When you are in pursuit of a goal on total behalf of others the desire to accomplish is temporary. The only person that should be being pursued on your fitness journey is YOURSELF! Noone has to get up, get dressed, get to the gym and push themselves to their limits but YOU. Why are we so concerned with always pleasing another eye rather than entertaining our own. I know I want to look good but more importantly I want to feel good and feel good about what drives me. You are the only consistent motivator in your life and depending on others to serve you motivation will bring you to a dead end real fast. SO.. dig deep, find your why, set realistic goals, start small and make a promise to yourself to SHOW UP for YOURSELF everyday without looming the expectations of others over your head, because honey they aren't the one that's going to be sweating bullets and tearing fibers in the gym with you! Its deeper than looks and superficial stigmas, it's discovering the fight you have within and loving yourself and your body and developing a mental capacity the cant be effed with!

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