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January 6, 2019



It's my birthday! I am 42 years old, yes 42! I chose today to start this blog because it's a day special to me for more than just my birthday. Today is the day I decided to take the leap and start my own business. Fitness University was founded January 6, 2016 which means we turn 3 today! That's an accomplishment in and of itself, and there has been a lot of struggle and it still is but I am glad I made the decision. So let's get to the meat and potatoes, I am originally from Cleveland, Ohio and attended The Ohio State University in 1995-1999. Graduating with a communications degree I decided to stay in Columbus, Ohio and seek out opportunities, so I guess you could say I have grown up in Columbus, Ohio since I've spent my adult life here.  


I was a cross country and track athlete in high school and I did pretty well in my career going to states my senior year. When I began at Ohio State I decided to try out for the track team and so I walked on and completed the 1st year as a walk on, and that was the extent of my athletic career at the collegiate level. I learned a lot in the process and because of my experience always stayed in relatively good shape. Fast forward to 2013-14 that's when I started to stop working out, I frankly go lazy and that was the wrong time because that's when most men's metabolism start to slow down, now to most people I didn't look overweight but I didn't feel like myself, and that is what really matters. How didn't have good sleep, I was down in the dumps, and life just wasn't as fun as it use to be. So I started to do what had always worked, I began to run again. Id put in 16-20 miles a week in that would always work but something was wrong, it didn't work. I went from 165lbs to 200lbs and it didn't budge. Now, I don't believe in the scale but I use these numbers to give you a sense of the drastic change and how it affected my speed, flexibility, and sleep. That's when I did some research and realized that I need to do weight training and later found out that High Intensity Interval Training was the best method to get the result I wanted. That was my personal journey with exercise but what inspired me to start a fitness business comes farther back, let me explain.




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My grandparents, paternal & maternal, all passed away in their 60's. Something is wrong with that I thought. I mean I was 17 and my last grandparent was gone, they would never see my kids or me get married, or grow into a man. Thinking about it makes me emotional. to compound that all of my uncles passed away in their 50's. A lot of these deaths were due to heart disease and not having a relatively healthy lifestyle. This inspired me to get into the business of encouraging people to start and maintain a healthy lifestyle through Diet, Exercise, and Massage. I will go into further detail about these pillars of Fitness University in later posts but here I am today with more experience and a lot to say. I hope that you subscribe to this blog and continue see what I have to say about the myths, successes, and realities of living a healthy lifestyle and running a fitness business.





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In our next blog post we will be covering one of the pillars, Massage Therapy, of Fitness University as well as some more of my history of how I got into this business and how I can help you be a better version of you, so stay tuned and thank you for your time. Talk to you soon!



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