The Gift of Healing

Hello everyone! I hope that your week was productive and that you have begun or maintained the work of being the best version of yourself. In our last post I went over some of the reasons why I was inspired to start a fitness business and dedicate the rest of my life to overall fitness. In that story I touched on the pillars that make up Fitness University's philosophy. To recap, the pillars are Fitness, Massage, and Healthy Eating.

So let's talk about Massage Therapy. No, I'm not gonna geek out and go and give you a history lesson on massage. I wanna discus why I believe it's so important, how I got into it, and some of the many myths and hang ups about why we don't use this gift that is available to all of us.

About 7 years after I received my Bachelor's degree, read the last post if you wanna know the details, I had realized that I was in the rat race that so many of us are programmed into after school, let's face it most of it is what we are told from birth. Go to school, get a good job, get married, have a family the end. So I was on the get a job part and although I was doing something I really enjoyed I wasn't fulfilled. One day I was told you need multiple streams of income, and right then it clicked. I decided to get another stream of income, but I wanted to do something interesting, something fulfilling. I decided to learn a trade that way I didn't have to go back to college and start over, whatever it was going to be needed to be something I could attain certification for without the ridiculous cost of college all over again. After mulling it over between, barber, mechanic, etc. I settled on Massage Therapist. Why that one you ask? Because I thought to myself, who doesn't like a massage therapist? Not only is that person loved by mostly everyone, it's a heck of a conversation starter and I would ultimately be improving peoples' moods. So I went for it, now let me just say it was a lot more than I bargained for. I hadn't taken anatomy at all in school so I was starting from scratch, I had no idea I would have to take gross anatomy the entire journey. That meant I would be studying every system in the body, not just Muscle and Bones! Now if you know me I am stubborn and I have a one track mind, once I am focused on something it gets accomplished and once I got into it I actually started to enjoy it. The state of Ohio is one of the hardest places to get a Massage Therapy License, due to the Board Exam, and the amount of hours you have to take; that's a good thing in case I move, in most states my license is recognized. So clearly I passed and got my license and now here I am. I've had my license for 13 years now and I must say I've learned a lot about this business some good, some bad.

Why do I believe in it so much? I have seen the positive change in people's overall health from it. Since I have experienced it's health benefits first hand, it was a no brainer to add it to the company philosophy. I decided to create a branch of Fitness University to Massage Therapy and I call it The Remedy Shop. It's a perfect marriage with exercise. Imagine the soreness and tightness you get as a result of working out. Then you get a massage, there's nothing like it! There are too many benefits to get a massage to cover in this post but just look at the professional athletes. People who make millions of dollars with their bodies do it, in EVERY sport! there must be something to it.

Now, I know that a lot of people are apprehensive about this method of healing. I have heard it all, see if some of these are excuses you've used to avoid massage.

#1 - I don't want him to see my rolls

#2 - I didn't shave my legs

#3 - I don't want to mess up my hair

#4 - I don't want a man rubbing on me

#5 - It's gonna hurt

#6 - It's too expensive

#7 - I know you, and that's awkward

#8 - I don't wanna start snoring

#9 - I don't want to be exposed in front of a stranger

#10 - I don't have time

and the list could go on. Here is the TRUTH

#1 - You have a doctor, dentist, Gynecologist need I say more....seriously, the room is dim, we don't care, and rolls have nothing to do with pain, and healing

#2 - We work on Men too......seriously, WE DON'T CARE, we don't have to work on your legs, and since when did hairy legs matter when your low back has been killing you?

#3 - You wrap your hair up for bed, you can wrap it up for the massage.......seriously, we can skip your head

#4 - Unfortunately, we live in a world where people have been abused and so we have to be sensitive to this one, that is why there are women Massage Therapists, if you fall into that unfortunate category I recommend seeing a different trained therapist who specializes in abuse. For those that don't fall into that category, understand that we are supposed to be professionals, if you feel uncomfortable at any time you can stop the massage, and remember we have licenses so if you feel there has been a violation you can report that therapist to the state board. For the have to get over that irrational fear. Ask yourself what is the worst case scenario, now how realistic is that or better yet what are the odds?!

#5 - We have been trained to adjust the pressure, if you feel too much pressure you have to speak up during the session. You can indicate light pressure before the massage.

#6 - If you eat out a few times a week, or month then you have the money......seriously, is it important to feel better, sleep better?

#7 - Knowing the therapist is actually better because a lot of times you end up speaking to them like you regularly would during the massage about regular things, there's no awkward moment because they know you and before you know it the massage is over.

#8 - WE DON'T CARE.......seriously, you may not fall asleep, and even if you did, your not gonna care if your that relaxed, you clearly needed the rest, so take it.

#9 - You are not exposed. You undress to your level of comfort. That means you can keep everything on. Now I recommend you don't keep everything on because we use lotion for a reason.......seriously, you are under a sheet and cover and we only expose the body part we are working on at that time using a method called draping.

#10 - The Remedy Shop is open until 10pm 7 days a week, yes even on Sundays. 1 hour of 1 day of 1 month, you deserve to give yourself that much for your own healing.

If you are still not convinced, all I can say is try us out 1 time and see if it doesn't help, or we can wait until you are in too much pain that you have to do something.......

Ultimately all I want to do is help you be the best version of yourself, which is why in the next episode we will discuss one of our last pillars and that is your Diet. Thank you for all of your support. Please tell your family and friends to join our movement, read the FIT TEA BLOG and let's start some discussion. If you have anything you want us to talk about related to health and wellness as a lifestyle feel free to contact us by email:, comment on our Instagram page at fitness_univ, or Facebook at Fitness University. Lastly, if you love what we're doing to help the world get on our website and buy some apparel and schedule that massage! The links are provided below

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