Fitness University's Founder & C.O.O

Fitness University is located in Gahanna, Ohio. Founded by Ronald Thompson who had a vision to offer a holistic approach to fitness by creating one place that a person could go to fulfill all of their fitness goals. Through a proper exercise regimen, general nutrition advice, and therapeutic massage we believe that anyone can improve their life no matter their size, age, or experience.


Fitness University's Founder & C.O.O

To impact society in such a way that behaviors change, leading to the eradication of many psychological and physiological diseases as a result of a sedentary and malnourished lifestyle.


Founder and C.O.O doing chin ups

To teach individuals from all walks of life how to take care of their bodies through diet, exercise, and therapeutic massage. Helping them reach their goals through short intense total body workouts that incorporate cardio and resistance training combined with proper nutrition, and massage.


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